Keeping your Dream alive…………


If it’s a full restoration or a part restoration then we can help.

CSP specialists are passionate about classic motoring and would feel privileged to undertake restoration work on your classic car.

With restoration, attention to detail pays off, and we’ve got the eyes for detail and getting it right first time.

From a box of rusting components as a ‘Barn find’ project, we can restore it back to its original beauty which is a dream to drive.

In our experience a restoration project is generally not a quick and easy task and specialist work may be required to recover some parts back to original, often unexpected until we have dismantled the components concerned.

Restorations require commitment and understanding from both the owner and the restorer and we always discuss dates, deadlines and options before any work is commenced.  We keep our customers fully informed on progress to ensure that you are kept up to date with how the project is progressing.


“Keeping your Dream alive”